Bongo Flavor, Naija Music Sending Africans in the Diaspora Crazy in Love!

How Nigerian and Tanzanian music surpassed Kenyan music by quadruple digits is just astounding. Nigerians are good, indisputable. Pause. Naija and Bongo flavor entertainment industry is a Giant. But look, in East Africa, by as recently as 2005′ Tanzanians used to come to launch their music careers in Kenya and prosper back home. They translated […]

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Free Up Black People!

… we must OVERCOME and live up as free black people! I believe that’s what Martin Luther was trying to tell the people of his time. Desist from all manner of slavery of the mind, free up your consciousness and become who God created you to be.

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Billionaire Wangui Ngirici’s Philanthropy Wins the Hearts of Kirinyaga People

wanguiStrong effective leaders care about the organization, the PEOPLE in it, and how they are inspired. Also, they demonstrate that they care through their actions, proving how they take care of their family by exhibiting leadership traits and advancing their professional career development. Leadership shouldn’t be management from a distance. It should be interactive and involve teamwork. Leaders in our political setting today give numerous empty promises — the experienced leaders know it all too well.

I have a particular admiration for the incoming phenomenal Kirinyaga woman representative, Wangui Ngirici. She is the type of Leader that makes a personal impact on the people, and already ordained to serve from up above. The battle favors those who dare to front themselves despite all challenges.


Billionaire Purity Wangui Ngirici has swept Kirinyaga County in Kenya with an outstanding philanthropic campaign in her quest to become the women representative at the 2017 Kenyan general elections. The aspirant, who is a wife of Kirinyaga business tycoon Andrew Ngirici, put together a never-seen-before, strategic, and service based projects. She also has a team of highly organized and talented social media experts that compliments her entire campaign. Wangui has driven, flown, and walked to every corner of the small, agricultural rich Highland County- campaigning among the youth, women, elders, and even the disadvantaged people in the community.

working woman

Her campaign slogan dubbed, “A Kirinyaga where Women, the Marginalized, Persons with disabilities, and the Youth get empowered through sustainable development”. She has rubbed shoulders with the common mwananchi all over the County. Wangui has spared no coin to try and improve the people’s lives and show them that she has the leadership qualities that lack within the current political leaders in office. She has unmatched zest and care for the people, and worked twice as hard, within the almost 2-year campaign period. More than what the incumbent woman rep Winnie Karimi has done in the four years that she’s been in that position.


So far, Wangui has sponsored free medical camps at Kamucege Primary School in Mwea, Kibingoti Primary School in Ndia and Githure Primary School in Gichugu. In all medical camps, thousands of people turned up for the free health services, and all were attended. Among the principal beneficiaries included people that received free cancer screening services, wheelchairs and eye care and general health consultations.

Wangui is a fresh face and quite a relief from the bad crop of politicians we currently have. Non-development conscious leaders’ with near zero achievements for the last four years. She will face other contenders’ key among them, the incumbent Winnie Karimi, County Assembly Speaker Anne Githinji, and a new aspirant Rose Muguchu, a retired teacher who is currently a well-recognized rice farmer in Mwea. Woman Rep Hon. Winnie Karimi is faced with fierce criticism over her poor leadership skills and numerous scandals of misappropriation of community funding from the central government.

Kirinyaga has also produced fresh-faced young leaders who want to make a change in the county. Key among them is John Irungu Goko, an ambitious aspiring MP vying for Ndia constituency under the Maendeleo Chap Chap Party. We also have fast rising star Macaria Wanjobi vying for Kirinyaga Central constituency as well as Macaria Karani, a gubernatorial candidate also vying under the Maendeleo Chap Chap party and Joe Macharia who is the Jubilee current Party Secretariat Kirinyaga Branch. A tale of the Macharias for another date.

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