World Eco Watch-China the Global Solar Power Champion

Solar china

China is known for many things, good and bad. Foremost in the long list of Ching Chong’s fame is the millions of industries spread out across its vast cities. You need a complicated thing fixed, Go to China. You need thousands of plastics and packaging material; the Chinese got your back. What of millions of promotional or election material printed out in about 20 hours. You guessed it right. China will deliver your consignment in record time. Now imagine the kind of power consumed by this industrial superpower, thousands upon thousands of kilowatts of energy.

As industrial demand continues to flow in China, it is the world’s biggest energy consumer. The giant manufacturer still leads in air toxins in the world. To cut back on the decreasing coal mining, the primary source of china’s industrial power generation and another even more dangerous situation, air pollution; China has embarked on cleaning up its massive environmental sins with Solar Power. Their focus is to clean Beijing and rid it of all forms of air pollution by the year 2020.

Germany was once the undisputed solar champion. It has been surpassed by China According to Hanergy Holding Group’s report. China set up 12 GW of new photovoltaic invention capacity back in 2013, a colossal 232 percent boost from 2012 energy stats compared to Germany’s PV capacity which dropped by 56.5 percent. According to the 2014 report , China accounted for the biggest percentage of the world’s solar production funding, at a smashing $23.5 billion, equivalent to Europe’s entire solar energy budget.

China has the edge on solar power growth. The Chinese government has supported solar electricity generation programs to increase market demand. New public buildings, public infrastructures like airport terminals and railway stations will be eligible for tax subsidies under china’s goal of installing eight GW of scattered solar – electricity produced near its point of use.

Let’s not be fooled here though, China’s push to amplify its solar power usage is driven by an acute national problem – air pollution. Solar offers clean energy to mitigate against its deteriorating air quality. Competition is stiff from nations such as Germany, Japan, and the US; So China must be smart in how it supports the local private industries to build solar power panels. As long as China maintains its terrible environmental risks, it remains the largest solar power producer in the world.



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