ISIS Madness, How it all Began

ISIS BABIESWatching Syria graphic news on the chemical bomb attack on innocent citizens and my head is wobbling. I’m seriously questioning the existence of many things including higher beings. Since ISIS took to the offensive on 9 June 2014, a string of Twitter accounts with claims to symbolize ISIS in Syria and Iraq has actively provided live updates on the terror group’s images and operations revealing their advances.

The accounts are not officially endorsed by ISIS. Regardless, the group does not clarify or deny the widely promoted Isis Twitter accounts by the faction’s  numerous online supporters. Twitter has been their primary mode of communication. ISIS launched a social media crusade posting photos and sporadic statements to showcase its military muscle and territorial progress in Iraq. They will post the most offensive content, including the capture and killing of soldiers in Iraq. The material goes viral and is shared by millions of its supporters.


According to data mining web-based software, the majority of pro-Isis tweets originate from in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. In its Twitter feed, the terror group provides extensive particulars of its operations, including bombings, assassinations, and suicide missions carried out. It also provides current checkpoints and captured towns.

Top Twitter hashtags used include, “#Iraq_is_ liberated” and “#Baghdad_is_liberated”. The group also used hashtags to drive fund campaigns such as the “one billion campaign,” which urges Muslims to post all forms of media such as videos, photos, and messages on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and in support of the terrorist group.

In April 2014, ISIS developed The Dawn of Glad Tidings, a free internet app which automatically posts approved tweets by Isis media administrators – to the app’s subscribed user’s accounts. Of course, the government cannot stand by and tolerate the BARBARISM going on in the Middle East. Iraqi subsequently blocked all the social media platforms to prevent terrorist fanatics from inciting the youth and other innocent citizens.


What about Syria?

ISIS recently put to death 33 people in eastern Syria in late May in its biggest mass carnage in 2017. According to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human rights, the group massacred civilians between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. The largest mass execution took place in Al-Mayadin, a desert area about 8 kilometers southeast of Deir Ezzor city, controlled by ISIS. The mad men slashed up innocent civilians and then buried their bodies in a hole, already dug up for the bloody debauchery activity.

It beats human logic how a man turns against his fellow man for stupid jihadist views of heavenly rewards of virgins. None of those who have left this earth can confirm this bizarre notion to be truthful. Not even Osama Bin Laden. So what pushes these maniacs to continue fighting endless, baseless wars?

ISIS continues to display propaganda videos of the beheading of the suspected enemies, prisoners, and spies it has captured. It is a punishment intended to spread fear among the Arabs under its control. Last month, U.S. dropped Special Forces behind ISIS territories to capture major infrastructure currently under ISIS control. The operation is ongoing. Since January 2014, ISIS has lost a significant number of its regions in eastern Syria and parts of Iraq. It has also lost considerable financiers, and social media controlled propaganda. supporters in airstrike attacks from anti terrorist coalition factions continue to haunt the Islamist terrorists.




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