House of Cards Releases an all Powerful 5th Season

HC2Have you seen the latest content from House of Cards, the Netflix drama series? Well, for starters, the evil plotting chief of staff Doug Stamper is back. Doug and trouble could be cousins. He thrives on the edge of fixing Frank Underwood’s (President) horrible messes. These two are in sync in thinking capacity. They don’t take chances. Obliteration is the key word for the two crooked smug main characters on the political drama series.

In the opening of the season, Frank quietly slides in the congressional house where he is not allowed to sit in. He is the topic of the day. After a few minutes, Frank takes over the floor and refuses to sit. He gives a roaring speech about justice and takes an authoritative undertone on what Congress ought to do. As expected, the Republicans walk out on him.

HC is bleak and fun to watch, and you cannot miss a moment, politics is in the words, you have to watch the show keenly, or what we like to say in Kenya, (Makinika upashwe). Everyone on Underwood’s team is a sucker for ambition; they all thirst for permanence in the freaky white house. It’s always about work, work, and more work. Something’s always cooking or brewing up, and shifting of alliances for backup. Plan B seems to favor the crooked Doug Stamper and the communications chief, sly Seth. Frank Underwood remains pessimistic with undertones like “There is no justice,” “You do the same thing every day until you are dead.” And “Everyone becomes a problem eventually,” His view of Washington is a mockery of wasted humanity and good intentions of influential actors using the less powerful and then tossing them aside like trash. The legal processes produce these horrific outcomes. “You voted for me, America,” Underwood sneers, glaring at the camera in his side personality. “You did this.” smh!


As season five opens with fresh episodes, Claire Underwood sits tight on a private press brief, assuring Americans that they can “TRUST” Claire and her husband. The urgency for getting re-elected is on once again. We don’t expect much heat from the other presidential candidate Will Conway and his VP, Gen. Brockhart. Conway survived the war, which he doesn’t like to dwell on.

Frank and Claire still use their Season 4 pledge to fuel fears about terrorism. They engage in barbaric plots. Locking down the borders, manipulate the votes, and engage in voter suppression, seek a declaration of war from Congress on ICO and manufacture a series of attacks to distract the press from digging in their corrupt schemes. Frank Underwood is shameless and callous. Claire, on the other hand, ensures that everything runs according to plan. One character feeds off the other.

“You voted for me, America,” Underwood smirks.

HC 3

Frank, as usual, takes pleasure in humiliating his adversaries as part of the series’ cynicism, wit, and outrageousness. The show’s visual images drives home the point: with gleeful images of a tarnished and debased United States— the eagle on an Oval Office rug, and a skewed Founding Father’s portrait. I think this imagery of evil is a glaring insult to Trump’s demeanor at the real White House. Frank Underwood is seen roaming the deserted halls of the house on the hill just like Trump’s current situation.


The Underwoods share a distinct distaste for ideology being ingrained in insatiable personal desires. House of Cards captures the susceptibility of 17th-century vanities still life. The show wants Claire and Frank to convey a message about the loutish effects of power. The series intentionally diverges from reality and focuses on mastery, greed, and manipulation. Frank Underwood embodies cruelty; Claire Underwood stands for an aristocratic woman with a quieter misdemeanor hidden in self-mastery. House of Cards came out in 2013 with great political satire set to produce one of the best artistic depictions of a man thirsty enough to clinch power at all costs.




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